How does it work?


Meet our Design Team

Have a concept in mind? Visit our office and share your ideas or design with our designing team.


Research & Design

Let us propose, based on our consultation, what your favorite place will look like. From a vague idea we will provide you a detailed drawing of your exclusive furniture.


Select Finishes & Materials

Finishing materials or finishes are all about shaping your concept and coming up with something truly unique. 


Mood Board

After selecting each piece of your bespoke furniture our specialist combine all fabric samples, metal finishes, wood finishes etc. in a mood board to have a clear picture of your area theme.


Production & Quality Control

Sit relaxe. Our experienced and well trained team of carpenters, polishers, masons, upholsters, metal fabricators and fitting team work together on your dream furniture.

Your Furniture Is Ready To Deliver. You can visit our factory for final inspection and your furniture is ready to deliver.